Monday Night Bible Study

Our Monday night Bible Study will resume at 7:30pm starting September 27, 2010.

We will be beginning a new study this year based on the preaching schedule for upcoming Sundays.  Each Monday we will dive into the Scriptures that will be the foundation of the coming Sunday's sermon.  We will be digging into text and context, what and why, where and when, listening to what God has said to His people in Bible, and what He is saying to us today.  We will not be looking into the 'so what' aspect of the text which is what sermon does, but we will be sharing our thoughts and questions around the week's Scripture, which will help me as I work on the sermons each week to grasp where the people of God are in their understanding and questions of a given text and topic.  This Bible Study proved to be very popular at an earlier appointment and was a study that went on for about 2 and a half years without even a summer break.

If you have never been part of a Bible Study or haven't participated in a while now is the perfect time to give it a try!  This Monday night study lead by Pastor 'begins again' each week, so you never have to feel you are coming in in the middle of something if your are able to attend, or worry if you miss a lesson.  The Friday night Bible Study utilizing the Roy VanDerlon DVD's is broken into segments each lasting about 6 weeks, so there are lots of entry and exit points.  Starting September 17th Nat Born will be leading “The Promised Land” in this series.  Both Bible Studies should last about 1 ½ hours

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