Confirmation Class 2011

Nehemiah Mission    Confirmation Retreat @ Camp Wanake

Confirmation ClassThe 2011 Confirmation Class began in the fall and will be confirmed on Easter Sunday.  This is a once in a lifetime experience aimed at helping young Christians understand their faith. The group has had outings to experience other faiths, a chance to learn first hand about missions and been on a retreat with other UMC young people taking confirmation. Our confirmation is program is primarily geared for those entering grades 6 to 9 but anyone who is interested in exploring the fundamental beliefs of the United Methodist Church is welcome.  Pastor Ray teaches the first hour starting as 10am in the upper room of the parsonage. Carol Schmitkons teaches while pastor conducts the 11:00 service.   Parents, mentors & friends are welcome to sit in on any session.

Henrietta United Methodist Church
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