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Confirmation Retreat 2011
at Camp Wamake

Group PictureThe Confirmation Class participated in the February confirmation Retreat at Camp Wanake in Beach City, which is really close to Amish country.  Eight of our twelve confirmands and 3 adult chaperones left the church on Friday evening February 12th after packing lots of sleeping gear in Miss Nancy SUV and most of the kids and luggage into Mr. Holcomb’s van.  The trip to Wanake was uneventful except for a detour in Wooster.  We were glad Mr. Harland knew his way around the area without using a GPS. We arrived at camp about 7:15 and Mrs. S checked the group in at the camp office.  The girls were unloaded at Savage first, and then, the boys headed over to Moody to get settled before the evening activities began.  After a get acquainted game, Canal District Superintendent, Valerie Stultz, delivered the first of two talks on the Holy Spirit. Then back to our dorms to settle in for the night.
Saturday morning started off with a pancake and sausage breakfast.  Kayla got sick during breakfast and ended up going home.  Mrs. S stayed with her until her dad arrived to take her home.  Harland & Nancy stayed with the rest of the kids for the morning activities, which included the game, “Minute-To-Win-It” and a coordination game, which required the group to move an Oreo from their foreheads to their mouths without touching it.  After this, DS Stultz gave her second talk on the Holy Spirit.  Then, everyone went back to the dining hall for a burger lunch.  The next session at Moody was about John Wesley.  Pastor Evelyn’s son-in-law, Pastor MacDonald, gave this talk.  He used the youth to illustrate many parts of his talk and he also showed some neat artwork that helped us understand what England was like during Wesley’s time.  Afternoon fun was a series of outdoor games in the snow (check out the pictures).  Our group members were the hoppers for the meat loaf dinner.  We set the tables, led grace, served the meal and then cleaned up.  The evening fun was divided in half - one group split to go on the long or short night hikes and the other group stayed behind to play silly games.  Then everyone switched.  When everyone had completed all the evening activities we settled down for a talk about bullying and singing.  We had a snack together before going back to the dorms for bed.
Sunday morning we enjoyed a breakfast of French toast & bacon before going back up the hill for a question and answer time about our faith and issues Christians face with Pastor Micah and Youth Ministries Director Kaye.  Then we had a time of worship during which the youth were encouraged to catch the fire of faith that ignited the church at Pentecost for themselves. Director of Youth Ministries, Kaye Wolfinger, explained that confirmation is really taking personal ownership of the promises one’s parents and local faith community had made at one’s baptism.  She explained that when we join the Methodist church we promise to support it with our prayers, presence, gifts, service & witness. After church, we shared our final meal together and had a bit of time to shop at the store or say good-bye to new friends before heading home.
Many of the youth are looking forward to seeing their new friends again at Collide, a conference-wide youth event at the end of March or at Youth Annual Conference, affectionately known as YAC, which is held at Lakeside in June just before the East Ohio Annual Conference.
We went home a different way because of the detour.  The trip went smoothly and we arrived back at the church by 2:30.

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