Finance Committee

This committee reviews all the financial requests for the year and compiles a budget for the following year, which is submitted to the church council for review and adoption.  This group is charged with the responsibility for developing and implementing plans that will raise sufficient income to meet the budget adopted by the church council.  It administers the funds received according to the instructions from the church council.
                                                                                  The Book of Discipline ¶259.4 

Chairperson Ann Buchs 440-965-5607
Pastor: Armando Arellano  
Lay Delegate: Carol Schmitkons  
Lay Leader:  Bob Davidson  
Administrative Council Chairperson Kim Biery  
Secretary of Council: Ruth Watson  
Finance Chairperson: Ann Buchs  
Treasurer:  Laura Watson  
Financial Secretary: Kathleen Claubaugh  
Assistant Financial Secretary:  Larry Baumann  
Board of Trustees Chairperson: Harry Meyer  
SPRC Chairperson: John Born  





Henrietta United Methodist Church
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