Nurture & Outreach Committee

The nurturing ministries of the congregation shall give attention to but not be limited to education, worship, Christian formation, membership care, small groups, and stewardship.  Attention must be given to the needs of individuals and families of all ages.        
                                                                                   The Book of Discipline ¶252.2a

The outreach ministries of the church shall give attention to but not be limited to local and larger community ministries of compassion, justice, and advocacy.  These ministries include church and society, global ministries, higher education and campus ministry, health and welfare, Christian unity and interreligious concerns, religion and race, and the status and role of women.                                                                                                     The Book of Discipline ¶252.2b

Chairperson:  Grace Boden     781-5902 

2012 2013 2014
Donna Evelsizer Tim Born Sarah Schlechter
Rex Evelsizer Robin Zimberlin Susan Schlechter
Grace Boden     Becky Kovach Natalie Born



Henrietta United Methodist Church
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