Pumpkin Rolls

PUMPKINS seem to keep right on rollin’…into the best pumpkin rolls in the area that is.  Of course, pumpkins do not do this on there own!  It takes many volunteers to accomplish the task…how many volunteers you ask?  Well, let me tell you.  Breaking it down, there are no less than 6 people in the kitchen.  On a really good day there may be 7 or 8 people.  It takes 2 people to prepare the cream cheese and margarine for mixing.  It takes 2 people to mix the filling.  We average 6 “rollers”, 1 decorator-“quality control” person, 3 people packaging the rolls, and last but not least…1 “mule”.  Usually the “mule” is Pastor Ray and he carries the rolls to the freezers in the shed.  The grand total is 20 people on an average day.  BY THE WAY…we train anyone and nobody ever gets fired…even if you try!  Your wages never get cut either!  Come join us…we work hard, but at the same time have great fun and fellowship.  

Another question often asked is, how long has the church been making and selling pumpkin rolls…records show we go back to 1998.  At that time 986 rolls were made.  In 2009, eleven years later, 2,351 rolls were “artfully constructed”.  To accomplish this feat, 168 rolls were made once a week for 14 weeks starting the beginning of September.  

A third question asked is, how do the profits get spent?  This money goes toward maintenance of buildings and grounds.  It also goes toward capital improvements.

People also ask, how do we sell so many pumpkin rolls?  Can you believe we actually ran out this past year…well almost!  A few small posters are hung around at area businesses and word of mouth gets the rest of the job done.  Every Saturday, starting toward the end of September we put out our pumpkin roll sign and sell rolls.  We sell the days we bake, also.  BY THE WAY…it is hard to get “sellers”…you are welcome to sign up.

The “Holy Rollers”, as the whole crew is known, end the season by going out for lunch.  This past year 31 people attended and we had a great time.  Thank you and lunch together do not seem like enough, but every person involved is truly thanked and appreciated…God Bless!

Henrietta United Methodist Church
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