Staff-Parish Relations Committee (SPRC)

In conducting its work, the committee shall identify and clarify its values for ministry.  It shall engage in biblical and theological reflections on the mission of the church, the primary task, and ministries of the church.
The committee shall reflect biblically and theologically on the role and work of the pastor(s) and staff as they carry out their leadership responsibilities.  The committee shall assist them in assessing their gifts and setting priorities for leadership and service.  It is the responsibility of the committee to communicate with the committee on lay leadership and/or the church council when there is a need for other leaders or for employed staff to perform in areas where utilization of the gifts of the pastor(s) and staff proves an inappropriate stewardship of time.
                                                                                  The Book of Discipline ¶259.2

Chairperson:  John Born
Lay Leader:      Bob Davidson
Lay Delegate:  Carol Schmitkons

2012 2013 2014
Ron Baumann John Born Agnes McDowell
Joyce Morog Don LeBeau Donna Phillips
Paul Meyer Steve Kovach Carl Schlechter


Henrietta United Methodist Church
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