Sunday School News

Sunday School kicked off on Sunday Sept. 12.  Our theme for the day was being Ants.  Christians can learn from the ants. In Proverbs 6:6-8 we learned “Go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways and be wise…”  Ants work together without constant directives for the better of the colony.  Christians like ants need to work together for the better of the church.  The children were encouraged to bring friends with them to Sunday School as well as encouraging those in our congregation not attending to attend.

          A few changes have been made this year in our Sunday School program.  Children’s parents are encouraged to sign up for a Sunday to provide a snack for the children as well as a Sunday to volunteer in the classroom as an extra pair of hands. 

          Another change is that our children will be learning one or two songs a month to sing on the 4th Sunday during the family service. Nola will work with them for the first 15 minutes of Sunday School.  Please make sure to have your children at Sunday School on time (10:00).  The words to the songs will also be sent home.  Please help your child(ren) learn the words so they will be ready to raise their voices in song. 

          Look for more Sunday School updates in the upcoming newsletters.

                                                In Christ’s Service,

                                                Cindy Hertrick

Henrietta United Methodist Church
To Become & Make Disciples, To Serve Wherever Jesus Calls Us.