Here at HUMC we have several types of visitation. We visit new families, families with new babies, people who been away from church for a while, people who are ill and in the hospital, who are in skilled nursing facilities for therapy or rehab or who are healing at home, people who can’t get out to church on a regular basis or people whose physical challenges make it difficult to get to church often if at all. We might even arrange to take a youth out for a chat & a quick snack at Miller’s after school. At Henrietta UMC, we all about bringing the church to you when you can’t join us or you need someone to come along side and help you bear your burdens.

We look forward to visiting and pray with you in hopes that when we leave your faith will be strengthened and you feel God’s love in a new and special way. We come to share the scriptures with you, to pray for you and to sing your favorite hymns. We come to learn more about you and your family and to find out what the church can do for you and to show you that even if you’re stuck at home God can still use you to further the Kingdom. No matter where we are or what the situation is that we find ourselves in, we want you to know you will always be a valued part of God’s family. If you’d like to receive communion we will be glad to bring the Lord’s Table right into your home or your hospital room because God is always with us.

Henrietta United Methodist Church
To Become & Make Disciples, To Serve Wherever Jesus Calls Us.